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5 Reasons Why Brands Need To Partner With Mom Content Creators Now

With the new surge of incoming first-time moms being millennials, they are all very social media savvy. In fact, there is currently a rise of mom content creators. They are great at connecting with their followers and being able to produce quality and engaging content. These moms also know their way around various platforms, particularly on Instagram, and a few even having their own blogs.

This means that moms are also becoming more and more tech savvy. That is why, with them being more active online, there is a great opportunity for brands to connect with them digitally, especially those who are stay-at-home moms. Here are the top 5 reasons why brands need to partner with mom content creators now.

1.     Growing market of “digital Filipino moms”

According to the 2019 Philippine Digital Moms Survey, 64% of these digital Filipino moms are millennials. With theAsianparent Philippines reporting 31% of their respondents have increased their screen time by about 4 hours after becoming a mom, it’s crucial for brands to start engaging with these new millennial moms now in order to build brand loyalty immediately.

2.     Wide network or reach

Moms are very sociable and have a wide network of friends – from workmates to parent groups in school. With millennial moms having an average of 24 close friends to share product recommendations to, word about your brand will surely spread faster, especially with the help of mom content creators talking about it.

3.     Moms trust other moms

When it comes to household and baby items, parents trust no one else but their co-parents too, as they speak from experience. That’s why, with 46% of millennial moms trusting the recommendations of other parents, being recommended by a mommy influencer would definitely help sway others’ opinion.

4.     They are authentic

76% of consumers see product reviews of average people to be more honest than branded advertisements, and this is where nano to micro mommy influencers come into play. Moms always speak their mind and would only share products they highly recommend and believe in. They also have a wide yet close and personal reach, so it’s most likely that their audience would listen and consider your brand as highly suggested.

5.     Moms’ influence to the household and to other people

Mothers buy on behalf of everyone in the family – the kids and the elders. With women driving 70-80% of consumer purchasing and moms being a part of this, they have a great impact on the products they choose as it’s being used by the whole family.

We’re here to help you get started!

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