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How COVID-19 is Shaping The Influencer Marketing Industry Now

A new normal is definitely upon us. From a business standpoint, how the pandemic affected various industries led to the emergence of new market opportunities for companies worldwide. One industry that was affected is the influencer marketing industry.  For businesses, influencer marketing is seen as one of the great ways for brands to connect with their audience now, as this fills that humanistic touch that people are currently deprived of. Meanwhile, for influencers, the pandemic made them more creative as it opened up new avenues for content creators to engage with their followers. With this, let’s dive deeper into how the pandemic is currently shaping the industry now.

1.     Live streaming is becoming more popular

People all over the world are looking for ways to build human connections amid quarantine or lockdown. This created a huge demand for live streaming services to reconnect with people and with their favorite influencers or celebrities and shows. Brands, such as Lazada, even use this as an avenue to showcase and sell various products available in their shops. 

Read more on live streaming here.

2.     TikTok continues to rise

As people at home continue to consume and engage more dance challenges and funny memes, TikTok is now considered as one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, having about 800 million users globally. With almost 300 Filipino influencers on TikTok, it’s no doubt that more and more Filipinos continue to embrace the platform. The great news for brands and media agencies is that TikTok is finally open to house ads locally, with Innity, Passionation’s sister company, being one of the official resellers of TikTok ads in the Philippines.

Learn more about our latest Tiktok partnership here.

3.     Greater demand for content creators

With the rise of online and social media usage worldwide, this is undeniably a great time for brands to be more digitally active. But given the limited resources and the temporary shut down of production houses, brands now turn to content creators to professionally produce their content marketing materials at the comfort of their home. Influencers who are also writers, visual artists, and photographers are becoming more in-demand for their services, and it’s a great way for brands to hit two birds in one stone.

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Passionation can help you get started!

Seeing these new opportunities in the industry, Passionation, a content and influencer marketing provider present in 12 countries across the Asia Pacific, is ready to get you started for your next campaign.

Passionation is always on the lookout for new market opportunities and trends for both brands and influencers. With its constantly growing network of influencers from various tiers and industries, both local and within the APAC region, it is ready to connect your brand to the right influencer that is fit for your campaign and target audience.

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