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The Summit Express is Innity Philippines’ Featured Publisher of the Month (October)

For our October publisher feature, we’re excited for you to get to know more about one of our long-time partners since 2013, The Summit Express.

The Summit Express lives by the meaning behind its name, “summit“, which means discussion and “express” – to convey a thought or feeling or deliver a message in the fastest and accurate manner

Their platform features news, entertainment, technology, reviews, exam results, lotto results, sports, features, weather, trending topics on social media, business and bulletins.

We got a chance to chat about their current initiatives and their plans moving forward.

1) Can you tell us a little about The Summit Express and how it started?

A reliable news portal and an avenue to express your thoughts!

The platform started sharing bits of stories in 2012. Founding principle was to curate content based on viral stuff online. Three years later, The Summit Express was recognized for News and Events category at the Philippine Blogging Awards.

2) Who are your targeted audience/readers?

Our simple yet informative-type of articles mostly benefit the millennials, encompassing the young professionals, learners and net-savvy segments.

3) What insightful tips can you share for new and aspiring publishers/bloggers

Patience and passion. 

Success in blogging will not happen overnight but after a series of realizations and obstacles.

Let the passion of sharing reliable content fuel your desire to express online. Anything is possible in the blogosphere and you just have to wait for the perfect time. 

4) Anything you want to plug? New initiatives?

As we are expanding our digital presence and segments of audience, netizens and aspiring writers with compelling stories are welcome for any article pitch or blog contributions.

We also encourage our readers to subscribe to The Summit Express’ social media channels to keep updated on most important news for the day.

5) What role does Innity play in your business growth and what do you like about working with Innity so far?

Ka-Innity since 2013. This ad network is one of the drivers for the sustainability of The Summit Express. Being part this community reminds publishers to always adhere to quality guidelines.

Innity offers great value for every impression. Ads are highly-interactive, innovative and non-intrusive.

Consistency and dedication in one’s work are just some of the factors that contribute to sustaining a brand’s presence and relevance online. Being connected with the right people can also help you level up your strategies and build up your brand so you can reach more of your target audience.

If you’re looking for a partner to support you in monetizing your website, apply now to be part of Innity’s network.