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Featured Publisher of the Month: RAPPLER

We’re down to the end of the first quarter in 2021 and marketers are constantly innovating and adapting to navigate their way online to see what types of content work for different audiences.

As Innity Philippines’ featured publisher of the month, we had the opportunity to chat with Tristan Zinampan, Rappler’s Head of Brand Integration. His team is responsible for creating business solutions such as pitching campaigns to clients and innovating new formats to engage with diverse audiences.

Rappler’s Growth

Rappler, founded by Maria Ressa launched its website in 2012. Its pillars center on journalism, data and tech, and community. It was borne out of a discussion with this question in mind: How will television change in the age of participation and how will journalism adapt along with it?

As a full-fledged digital news network and a pioneer in building native advertising, Rappler’s content arm “BrandRap” has made it possible to connect with communities through enriching content. The team is in constant pursuit of exploring new forms of media such as 360 videos, podcasts, interactive quizzes, survey solutions, social videos, and focuses its strategies on effective digital storytelling. 


However, being creative is just one part of the formula to succeed in content marketing. There is merit in looking at the data to come up with actionable insights and creative solutions that work. 

Since 2020, Tristan mentions how they are experimenting on different platforms such as Kumu for live shows, Spotify for their podcast talks and their Lighthouse platform, wherein people can follow topics of their interest. 

Looking at the trend, they have also seen a rise in people looking for light-hearted content, which led them to create “GoodRap” – a section for readers interested in indulging meaningful content. Specific to the interest per generation, Tristan shares with us how the older age group is more inclined to consuming content related to finance, tips on investments, and e-commerce. On the other hand, the younger market focuses their attention on education and adulting tips.

“We really put at the forefront innovation and this constant agility, coming up with ideas and testing them out. And many times, these ideas work and from them, more ideas are born. It’s really a confluence of different factors in creating content, so you have to be agile, you have to read the market, you also have to look at the data and from there, you can create creative solutions and executions.”

In this day and age where everything is constantly shifting, there are moments when we have to do trial and error initiatives to see what works and what doesn’t. However, one concept remains the same and that is the value in understanding one’s target audience.

Rappler’s Partnership with Innity Philippines

“Innity is always very accommodating and quick to answer. Sometimes, when our team needs to further explain the mechanics or the metrics of rich media, Innity is also happy to join us in presenting to our clients. The service is what sets a company like Innity apart from others. The partnership and support that we get from Innity, it’s really top-notch. 

What comes to our minds when someone says Innity is really partnership, engagement, and rich media of course. Because when it comes to Rappler, Innity is our go to brand for rich media offerings.”

So what’s next for Rappler?

In May 2020, Rappler launched its new website powered by Lighthouse, a new content delivery and community engagement platform. Having their users in mind, the website is designed as mobile-first and is powered by a database schema which structures content by topic and organizes stories based on a user’s interest. It allows users to follow content by topics, moods, authors, and content types. 

Rappler is also looking into launching more shows through Kumu and podcast episodes. Another pillar of Rappler is the community, wherein they will be working with different civic organizations and communities supporting specific causes in the Philippines.

We’re proud to see how Rappler has always been quick to adapt and innovate with their solutions. The team is definitely looking forward to more collaborations soon!

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