Part 1: The Impact of COVID-19 on Publishers in Malaysia

With the Movement Restricted Order (MCO) in place, it comes to no surprise that people have turned to the internet for communication and information. With the increasing demand for online content, publishers have naturally been affected as well. To understand more, we e-interviewed several publishers specializing in various topics such as lifestyle, parenting, and finance …

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How brands adapt to the new normal of Influencer Marketing: Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) & “Homefluencers”

  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect most parts of the world, there is no doubt that many businesses are facing a huge crisis due to the economic downturn. In this new environment, the priorities for many brands have also shifted as their investments in marketing budgets have decreased. Not only that, some brands …

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Summit Media is Officially Part of Innity’s Network

With over 31 million unique monthly users, Summit Media is the Philippines’ leading digital lifestyle network. Together with Innity, the digital solutions provider that is present across 12 countries in South East Asia, the partnership will open up opportunities to create more content, extend the reach for brands, and engage with audiences. Innity’s AdNetwork solution, …

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5 Reasons Why Brands Need To Partner With Mom Content Creators Now

With the new surge of incoming first-time moms being millennials, they are all very social media savvy. In fact, there is currently a rise of mom content creators. They are great at connecting with their followers and being able to produce quality and engaging content. These moms also know their way around various platforms, particularly on Instagram, and a few even having their own blogs.

This means that moms are also becoming more and more tech savvy. Read more to know why brands need to partner with mom content creators now.

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TikTok and Innity Further Extend Partnership to 22 New Countries

Southeast Asia, 6 May 2020 – TikTok, a social app that focuses on short-form mobile video, has extended their strategic partnership with Innity, a leading digital media solutions and marketing technology company as their official reseller from just Malaysia to a total of 22 countries across US, Europe, and Asia.

With more than 800 million monthly average users and 738 million app installs, it was 2019’s most downloaded social app worldwide. Generating $176.9 million in just 2019, TikTok recognized its potential in the market worldwide, and Innity’s years of experience in digital advertising throughout 12 countries lead to the appointment as its official reseller.

Through this partnership, Innity’s clients would be able to reach new markets and engage with audiences across different countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more. With its tremendous growth these years, TikTok has exceeded Twitter and Snapchat in terms of popularity worldwide. The platform, however, is less saturated with ads, allowing brands to stand out more and gain online virality easily.

Moreover, with 60% of users being between 16-24 years old, the platform is dominated by younger users, allowing brands to connect with the Gen Z audience. With Gen Z reportedly having $44 billion buying power, they represent a big opportunity for brands.

TikTok boasts many creative ad formats, such as in-feed video ads, brand takeover, hashtag challenges, branded lenses, and influencers branded content collaboration. Innity assists its clients in making the most out of each ad format and choosing a suitable format based on their campaign objectives. Some of Innity’s clients that have run campaigns on TikTok include Dettol, Maybelline, and SOFY.

“The reseller partnership with TikTok has been rewarding and we are delighted that TikTok has decided to extend the partnership to a total of 22 countries. We are now able to better provide to our clients from different countries and we hope to work with brands in running more TikTok campaigns together in the future,” said Phang Chee Leong, co-founder and CEO of Innity.

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