• [Event] Innity Tw【廣告小聚】創意互動,真實接觸

    January 16, 2018

    Innity and the Taipei Agency for Advertising Agents (TAAA) have collaborated to host one of the sessions of the “Advertising Gathering – Creating The New Era of Advertising” seminar happening in Taiwan on 24th January 2018. During the seminar, Phang Chee Leong, the CEO of Innity, will be sharing on how to produce creative content using audience data while overcoming

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  • Presenting Innity’s Top Creatives in December!

    January 12, 2018

    We all knew that there’s a great potential in mobile advertising when smartphone became the main digital screen that millennials spend most of their time looking at. Living in an environment of a hotbed for mobile growth, it’s all about how creative and effective an ad can be to capture audience’s attention and keep them engaged. By utilising the functionality

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  • [Case Study] Sensodyne

    December 20, 2017

    GSK wanted to bring one of their brands, Sensodyne back to the attention of their audience – in order to do so, we worked alongside each other to raise and build brand awareness through an interactive call-to-action ad. We used Innity’s Mobile Cards, a creative and interactive mobile ad format to execute a simple online orthodontic check-up quiz providing useful

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  • Charity Giving at IQ70Plus: Innity Supports The Right To a Quality Life for the Mentally Challenged Individuals

    December 13, 2017

    Understanding that many non-profits out there are fighting to make the world a better place, Innity who holds a pledge to sow seeds of sustainability has taken on their social responsibility this year by carrying out a charity-giving at one of the non-profit welfare organisations in Malaysia – IQ70Plus. On 8th December 2017, a group of volunteers from Innity, along

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  • [Innity Insights]: What’s the deal with Outstream Videos?

    December 12, 2017

    As all of you know, video is one the best and immersive ways to tell a brand’s story and it can’t be beaten when it comes to capturing attention and engagement across all channels. Well, we are all familiar with in-stream videos: the classic pre-rolls and mid-rolls within our favourite videos on YouTube where viewers will need to wait for

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